7 thoughts on “Can somebody give me 15 important facts about Adolf Hitler?

  1. Was that last comment a threat? Gee you might report me and I’d lose two whole points!! Do you really expect ANYONE to look up 15 facts about ANYONE and give them and the website(s) to you?? Do your own homework!

  2. I only know those facts below….

    Fact 1:
    six million Jews were systematically murdered in Europe between 1939 and 1945.

    Fact 2: he set up an army called the Nazi.

    Fact 3: He had absolute power over Germany and some other countries.

  3. One side fact: He was a strict vegatarian. (hahaha somethings never change…vegatarians….nazi’s they all are.)

  4. Are you threatening Yahoo Q and A? Do your own homework, kiddo, and find your own website. You need to learn that you can catch more flies with honey, but I’m sure your grandma already told you that.

  5. He was born on April 20, 1889

    He was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party

    As a child he enjoyed painting, but never painted people.
    he wrote the highly controversial Mein Kampf, which means “My Head” in German.

    He was a militant vegetarian who descirbed the slaughter of animals at dinner partied to convince others to give up meat.

    He was strongly against smoking and started many anti-smoking campaigns in Germany.

    He was a Christian.

    He is said to have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, skin lesions, irregular heartbeat, tremors on the left side of his body, syphilis, and Parkinson’s disease.

    He is said to have been quite personable.

    He was very close friends with Henry Ford-Ford had a picture of Hitler on his desk, and Hitler had a picture of Ford on his.

    He designed the Volkswagon.

    He was charming and very good at giving speeches.
    He created more jobs for the German people than ever thought possible.

    His regime resulted in the deaths of around 11 million people.

    He did not like for women to use cosmetics because they contained animal products.

    He is said to have had a strong dislike for cats, but loved all other sorts of animals.

    He is said to have had an addiction to methamphetamines.

    Here’s 15, they were off the top of my head. Here’s some good Hitler websites:

    Shine on,

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