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How do some people claim that Adolf Hitler was indifferent towards tomboys?

And also, is it true that he was pretty much indifferent towards them even though ironically, they're the exact same as gays, though the only difference is that the word "gays" only applies to males while the word "tomboys" only applies to females??

Just like he was either indifferent or for (if I'm not mistaken) towards the Japanese even though ironically, they're not considered as Aryans technically??

When will people stop being so interested in Adolf Hitler’s DNA?

adolf hitler
Lasey Puget asked:

My Austrian family are his relatives (Hüttler) and everytime this stuff comes up my poor grandmother starts getting calls and people bothering her. Just because they are cousins doesn't mean she ever met him or gives a rat's behind about him or these studies. What is this morbid interest people have?
Two people have answered my question and removed their answers? Please I wish you would answer - don't worry about offending me or anything I'd like to hear what you have to say or I wouldn't have asked!