7 thoughts on “How did Adolf Hitler abuse his power?

  1. hitler abused his power by killing so many jews(when he himself was part jew) and trying to take over the world just like napoleon… also he got so many followers by giving people false hope.. like telling them they were the chosen race…but eventually he got too cocky and lost his ground

  2. He abused his power by ordering the killing and persecution of the “Untermensch”- the un-desirables. These included the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Eastern Europeans, and any other group that he took a dislike to or stood in his way.

    The important thing to remember is that after WW1 Germany was forced to take the blame for starting the war, and had to pay many millions to countries such as Belgium and France that had suffered great damage. This made many of the German people angry, and during the 1920s there was an explosion of new political groups springing up all over, often causing violent clashes between opposing extremeist groups. Hitler had a hatred of the Jews since being a young man. He lived in Austria before WW1, hoping to become an artist, but he saw how the Jews owned a lot of the businesses and did not take part in the war. Back in Germany after the war he joined a political group called the NSDAP (Nationaliste Socialiste Deutsche Arbeiten Partei) and after becoming more popular than the party’s leader was made leader himself. Hitler was a great orator- he had a way with words when giving speeches- and in many of his speeches he made references to other famous Germans, such as the musician Wagner, who shared his views. This helped him to “prove” that Germans were superior and blamed all of the problems of the times on the Jews (everyone was looking for someone to blame, Hitler gave them the answer). Other methods he used to get people to believe him were intimidation. He formed a group called the SA (Sturm Abteilung) who basically went around beating people and also stood outside voting booths, forcing people to vote for the NSDAP (by now called the Nazi party by other politcal groups). He became the chancellor of Germany in the early 1930s and the President died shortly after. Using this to his advantage, Hitler made himself the Fuhrer- the Chancellor and President combined- and he used a piece of Jurisdiction called Article 48 meaning that he could pass any any law without it having to be voted on, thus making him the overall leader of Germany with no political opponents. He created jobs and improved the economy, making the German people admire him (He made the official level of unemployment 0%)

    So to summarise, he used his great oratory skills, his popularity and position of power to achieve all of what he did. For further reading you should look up events such as the Reichstag Fire, The Night of the Long Knives and Krystalnacht. Also read up about the Nazi party rallies- the mass gatherings and parades to show his support and power.

  3. He tried to take over the world and breed the aryan race. He wanted to get rid of “weak” people and build a world in which every human was perfect. To him that meant: Tall, blond, blue eyes etc. He also hated jew because they were good with money.

  4. Just look at the last election. If you pay attention all the answers are being reveled in real time. Pretty Cool.
    Seig heil Mien Fuhrer Obama!!!!!!!!

    I dont know if kreeps was kidding but Hilter had absolutely no Jewishness in him.

  5. ‘Hatred’ led Adolph Hitler’s mind to the hellish ways that he followed. He was a Jew himself yet he hated who he was. He was not even of normal intelligence, but he knew what the general public felt about certain people. Folk like the Jews, the Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Blacks, the mentally retarded and the physically disabled. He played very heavily on that deep disrespect and lack of love. He got people to worship the idea of killing, maiming and destroying others because they were ‘different.’ In the end, he destroyed millions of people. Unless he prayed and asked for God’s forgiveness, he went straight to hell. May we all who have a chance to reach God’s ears, pray to Him and get His blessing before it is too late. Peace!

  6. I think you need to define your question more specifically–how did he abuse his power in terms of his office within Germany, or use his power as the legitimately appointed head of state of Germany to create suffering for millions of non-Germans? (i.e. people who were not his subjects)

    P.S. To the silly people who keep saying Hitler was part Jewish—get a life.

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