6 thoughts on “How did Adolf Hitler manipulate people?

  1. By preying on existing fears and hatred. Also he studied the arm movements of magicians and what made them effective.

    He also took advantage of a weakened Germany which was in need of hope – and a scapegoat.

  2. charisma to desperate people, desperate because after ww1 we sanctioned them til they were starving

  3. I think he used Germany’s frustration and anger over the way it had been treated after WWI, plus the utter failure of the Weimar Republic to improve the nation. I think in a lot of ways, Hitler was just the wrong guy at the right time.

    He played into their fears that others (Jews, Gypsys, etc.) were a threat to them–first probably political, and then convincing them they were polluting Germany’s pureness. He seduced so many Germans into believing they were again invincible, and that Hitler’s “solution” was one that would make them eternally powerful.

  4. Here’s a bunch of links for you, but in laymen terms, his charsmatic ways and dreams gave the German people, who at the time were in a huge depression, hope and confidence in themselves that they can be someone in world. This of naive way of thinking, of course, became their downfall.

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