7 thoughts on “What are 5 good facts about Adolf Hitler?

  1. 1. he didnt have brown hair or blue eyes, so he wasnt really “the master race”
    2. he was a great orator, could convince almost anyone of his views
    3. he was actually born on 4/20, well i guess that is now yesterday.
    4. he only has one testicle. so it might have well made him frustrated, feel he needed to prove himself.
    5. his first love was a jewish girl and guess what? things didnt work out… so i guess that made him rather mad…

    i was actually just talking about this today because it was 4/20 his birthday. but interestingly, here is a site that has similar things.

  2. he never personally killed any one,he inspired the german people with his great ability to speak(which all politions admire and wish they could do the same)he did the greatest part to end the great depression that was world wide,he let scientist discover and build new weapons that came from the new knowledge he financed,also he invented the high way system we call a freeway,especially the clover leaf intersection and the volks wagon auto.the most lasting things he will be remember for is the free way and the genocide that took place while he had controle of germany, i will pick the free way as the thing that will last for as long as people want to build fast and safe intersections on any road system they build any where

  3. He was a hero in ww1.
    He was a vegetarian.
    He didn’t go overboard on luxuries, apart from cars.
    He could be surprisingly forgiving of those high ranking Nazis who failed to follow his orders.
    He killed himself, better late than never.

  4. the good facts about Adolf Hitler:

    1- He’s dead
    2- He was nice for his dog
    3- He was a devout lover of his mistress
    4- Having won the Iron Cross as a corporal
    5- He liked vegetables

    The only good fact that I really like is no. 1

  5. 1: He was a vegetarian
    2: He was a non smoker
    3: He was an expert on the Paris Opera House
    4: He designed a completely new Berlin, to be constructed after WW2.He had a huge scale model of it constructed;it took up a whole room at Berchesgarten, and he and Albert Speer would often spend hours looking at and discussing the model
    5: He never got up till around midday or later,even during the war.

    The most interesting one,for me,is the scale model of Berlin.Boys and their toys, even when there’s a Thousand Year Reich to establish…

  6. 1.) He was an artist.
    2.) Once sang in a choir
    3.) lover of Wagnerian operas
    4.) as a boy enjoyed reading Karl May Westerns about cowboys and indians.
    5.) Hated hunting.

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