6 thoughts on “What are the negative and positive aspectcs of Adolf Hitler’s leadership?

  1. the negative should be obvious by now. The positive, it eventually helped make for a stronger Germany, and world. Out of the bad comes good.

  2. Adolf didn’t think through the attack in the Soviet Union also he killed a lot of Jews and other people. The only goo thing is that he had a certain way of drawing people in to follow him but other than that he was an evil man.

  3. I know one thing, during Adolf Hitler’s leadership he furthered the advancements of discovery for more explorations to come of the city of Atlantis. He believed the Atlantians were the perfect race and he conducted several searches for the lost city finding little pieces of clues that would further be used later on to this day by other researchers. You could say he was an explorer at heart.

  4. Positive leadership qualities:
    1. He was determined and focused
    2. He honestly believed he had the German ppls best
    interest at heart.

    Negative leadership qualities:
    1. He took away the German ppls free will by forcing them
    to uphold Anti-Semitic views.
    2. He decided to play god by taking it upon himself to
    rid the world of the Jews who in his opinion were “evil”

    The negative effects of his leadership:
    1. The huge number of innoncent lives lost.
    2. The long term suffering that German would endure as a
    result of his reign.

    The positive effects of his leadership:
    1. The Soviets and the Democratic world put aside their
    animosity to unite for a good cause.

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