6 thoughts on “What color were Adolf Hitler’s eyes, and does anybody have a color photo showing this?

  1. some people say he had got blue eyes, other people say he had got light brown eyes, and me, well, I don’t really know..
    but I can tell you nobody could give you a colour photo of him because when he lived colour photos didn’t exist yet.

  2. Hmm… nobody has ever shown the courage before to ask what color eyes Adolf Hitler had.
    Very unusual

    Klara Hitler, Adolph’s mother had blue eyes. We know this from a remark he made concerning Eva Braun’s eye color reminding him of his mother’s eye color. Some of his officers described him as having blue eyes. There is at least one color Nazi propaganda film. To really settle this, someone should get it and enhance it using modern forensic methods. More than likely his eyes were blue and his hair was brown.

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  3. Who knows. Nowadays some people argue about that, whether he had a blue pair of eyes or some other colour. I don’t think there is an actual photo that would show that considering most photos at the time were black&white and taken from a bit of a distance. Besides the paintings of course, but that doesn’t really count as there’s no way of knowing if it is actually identical to how he looked like.

  4. Blue
    If you look at all of the links in the search you see that people who knew him said a lot of times he had blue eyes.

    And for that one guy, colour photos did exist back then and also colour film like in the cinema. He is getting thumbs down because he is wrong about that.

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